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Here are the rules for the quiz:

  • Enter a valid Bitcoin Lightning address to receive rewards.
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  • Each correct answer will earn you 5 satoshis.
  • You have 3 tries.
  • Rewards are calculated based on correct answers.
Rewards are not currently available for this quiz. You can still take the quiz if you want though ; )


#1. In which country is Bitcoin currently legal tender?

#2. Which consensus mechanism is used in Bitcoin?

#3. The issuance of bitcoin follows a fixed schedule. When with the last BTC approximately be mined?

#4. Bitcoin is pure information. Your BTC can be represented by 12 or 24 out of how many possible different words?

#5. The founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, was nominated for a Nobel Prize in economics. When?

#6. Which protocol upgrade made the Lightning Network possible?

#7. What did Satoshi Nakamoto call the Blockchain first in 2008?

#8. What is the maximum number of bitcoin that will ever be created?

#9. Who pays the transaction fee on a bitcoin transaction?

#10. What is a satoshi?


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