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What we do here is serve up mildly amusing crypto memes in exchange for testnet satoshis! …more specifically, we’re using Aperture to handle incoming requests and validate L402’s. If you pay our testnet satoshi toll and then send us an L402 as proof, we’ll hand over a meme!

For the low, low price of 20 testnet satoshis, you’ll get access to all these memes…

Day trading:
It’s a trap:

Also available are some inspirational quotes! Quotes 1-5 are available at…

GET[quote number]

—————— Many Details ——————

If you’re not sure how to make and use an L402, here are some instructions and some resources!

An L402 is a macaroon (a fancy cookie!) coupled with a preimage which is proof of (BOLT11)payment on the Lightning network.

When you make a request to one of the above endpoints you’ll first receive a 402 error code along with a macaroon and a Lightning invoice. Once the invoice has been paid and the preimage obtained, you can construct the L402 according to the below format and include it in the header of your GET request.

L402 format:

L402 [macaroon]:[preimage]

Aperture requires the L402 to be included in the header of a request. A curl request may look like this…

curl --location --request GET ''
--header 'Authorization: L402 [macaroon]:[preimage]'

Here a some resources for learning more:

Slack: (checkout the #l402 channel)